Jumat, 13 Oktober 2017

(001) Motivate Yourself: Get on Your Deathbed

Posted by on Jumat, 13 Oktober 2017
A number of years ago when I was working with psycho-therapist Devers Branden, she put me through her “deathbed” exercise.
I  was  asked  to  clearly  imagine  myself  lying  on  my  own  deathbed, and to fully realize the feelings connected with dying and saying good-bye. Then she asked me to mentally invite the people in my life who were important to me to visit my bedside, one at a time. As I visualized each friend and relative coming in to visit me, I had to speak to them out loud. I had to say to them what I wanted them to know as I was dying.As  I  spoke  to  each  person,  I  could  feel  my  voice  breaking.  

Somehow  I  couldn’t  help  breaking  down.  My  eyes  were  filled  with tears. I experienced such a sense of loss. It was not my own life  I  was  mourning;  it  was  the  love  I  was  losing.  To  be  more  exact, it was a communication of love that had never been there.
During this difficult exercise, I really got to see how much I’d left out of my life. How many wonderful feelings I had about my children, for example, that I’d never explicitly expressed. At the end of the exercise, I was an emotional mess. I had rarely cried that hard in my life. But when those emotions cleared, a wonderful thing happened. I was clear. I knew what was really important, and who really mattered to me. I understood for the first time what George Patton meant when he said, “Death can be more exciting than life.”
From that day on I vowed not to leave anything to chance. I made up my mind never to leave anything unsaid. I wanted to live as if I might die any moment. The entire experience altered the way I’ve related to people ever since. And the great point of the exercise wasn’t lost on me: We don’t have to wait until we’re