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(012) Motivate Yourself: Put Your Library on Wheels

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Motivate Yourself - One of the best opportunities for motivating yourself these days lies within the approach you employ your drive time. Tere is no longer any excuse for time in the car to be downtime or frustrating or time that isn’t motivating. With the huge variety of audiobooks now available, you can use your time on the road to educate and motivate yourself at the same time.

When we use our time in the car to simply listen to music or to curse trafc, we are undermining our own frame of mind. Moreover, by listening to tabloid-type “news” programs for too long a period of time, we actually get a distorted view of life.News programs today have one goal: to shock or sadden the listener. Te most vulgar and horrifc stories around the state and nation are searched for and found.
I experienced this frsthand when I worked for a daily newspaper. I saw how panicked the city desk got if there were no murders or rapes that day. I watched as they tore through the
wire stories to see if a news item from another state could be gruesome enough to save the front page. If there’s no drowning, they’ll reluctantly go with a near-drowning. There is nothing wrong with this. It’s not immoral or unethical. It feeds the public’s hunger for bad news. It’s exactly what people want, so, in a way, it is a service. But it reaches its most damaging proportions when the average listener believes that all this bad news is a true and fair reflection of what’s happening in the world. It’s not. It is deliberately selected to spice up the broadcast and keep people listening. It is designed to
horrify, because horrifed people are a riveted audience and advertisers like it that way.
If we would be more selective with how we program our minds while we are driving, we could have some exciting breakthroughs in two important areas: knowledge and motivation.
Tere are now hundreds of audiobook series on self-motivation, on how to use the Internet, on health, on goal-setting, and on all the useful subjects that we need to think about if we’re going to grow. If we leave what we think about to chance or to a tabloid radio station, then we lose a large measure of control over our own minds.
Many people today drive a great deal of the time. With motivational and educational audiobooks, it has been estimated that drivers can receive the equivalent of a full semester in college with three months’ worth of driving. Most libraries have large sections devoted to audiobooks, and all the best and all the current audiobooks are now available on Internet bookseller’s sites.
Are all motivational programs effective? No. Some might not move you at all. Tat’s why it’s good to read the customer reviews before buying an audio program over the Internet. But there have been so many times when a great motivational audiobook played in my car has had a positive impact on my frame of mind and my ability to live and work with enthusiasm.
One moment stands out in my memory above all others, although there have been hundreds. I was driving in my car one day listening to Wayne Dyer’s classic audio series, Choosing Your Own Greatness. At the end of a long, moving argument for not making our happiness dependent on some material object hanging out there in our future, Dyer said, “Tere is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”
That one thought eased itself into my mind at that moment and never left it. It is not an original thought, but Dyer’s gentle presentation, flled with serene joy and so effortlessly spoken, changed me in a way that no ancient volume of wisdom ever could have. Tat’s one of the powers of the audiobook form of learning: It simulates an extremely intimate one-on-one experience. Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss, Barbara Sher, Tom Peters, Nathaniel Branden, Earl Nightingale, Alan Watts, and Anthony Robbins are just a few motivatorswhose audiobooks have changed my life. You’ll fnd yourown favorites. You don’t have to fnd time to get to the library. Forget the library. You are driving one.

By Steve Chandler

Steve Chandler is a life coach and a keynote and convention speaker who lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona. He has brought his workshops and seminars to more than 30 Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of small businesses.
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