Sabtu, 11 November 2017

Dating and Relationship Tips: Are There Not Enough Women To Go Around?

Posted by on Sabtu, 11 November 2017
Dating and Relationship Tips - A funny excuse that I hear all the time from my readers is that they can't get women because "there aren't enough women to go around."
According to these guys, it is impossible to get a girlfriend or get laid because all the good girls or attractive women are already "all taken".
Dating and Relationship Tips: Are There Not Enough Women To Go Around?

That is garbage. Unless you live in a town with a population of a few dozen people, there'll always be women for you to meet. In fact, there should be more women than you can handle.
Here's a little lesson...
A common trait that most successful people have is that they believe there is an abundance of resources in this world.
In business, the most successful entrepreneurs know there’s more money to be made than anyone could possibly make in a lifetime. On the contrary, the stingy merchantclass businessmen believe there’s a limited supply of wealth on this planet…and that to become richer, they must “screw over” other people. These guys are the guys who worry so much about scouring pennies off the streets that they miss the hundred dollar bills floating in the air.
In dating, guys who believe there is a “limited” supply of women in their town will never become truly successful with women.
The truth is…there are enough women to go around for EVERYONE. Just because you’ve crashed and burned with one girl does not mean you’re never going to meet the love of your life. There are over 3,200,000,000 women on this earth as we speak. Let’s say only 1 in a million is compatible with you, there’ll still be 3200 women for you to choose from. (The ratio is much higher than 1 in a million, of course.)
I guarantee you that if you open your heart, you will find an abundance of women who are compatible with you in a long-term relationship. And if you’re just after sex, I also promise you there’ll be an endless supply of women who want to be with you.