Sabtu, 11 November 2017

Dating and Relationship Tips: Does Size Really Matter?

Posted by on Sabtu, 11 November 2017
=====IKLAN ATAS POSITNGAN===== A question that I have avoided writing about on my column in the past is the subject of "does size really matter?"
(Hey...I try to keep my column G-Rated as best as I can!)
Dating and Relationship Tips: Does Size Really Matter?

But something I've noticed during the past 6 months is that more and more readers are asking this question. I have a feeling that this is due to the increasing amount of spam about "male enhancement" that we receive in our email boxes everyday. Regardless of what the cause is, I am going to talk about it and let everybody know that you should all stop worrying about your size.
From a scientific point of view, a woman's vagina will actually shrink or stretch according to the size of her partner.
So unless you're "tiny" (as in less than 4 inches) or "too big" (7 inches or above), you don't really have anything to worry about.
From a sexual point of view, to a woman, 90% of her pleasure is psychological. If you want to give her better sex, then stop worrying about your size and start worrying about your skills as a lover instead. If you can make her feel like whatever she wants to be, she'll think you're the greatest
lover she's had regardless of your size.
Lastly, from a Smart Dater's point of view, your size isn't really something you can change, and therefore you should not worry abut it at all. Think about what you CAN change instead. (Such as your skills and personality!)
Of may be thinking..."But I CAN change my size. There are pills that I can buy!"
Sorry to break the news to you, but the "pills" that are promoted in spam emails are usually scams.
In fact, studies have shown that they contain harmful materials that could do some SERIOUS harm to your health. Some of their ingredients include mould, yeast, E. coli bacteria, pesticides, lead, and animal feces. Are these what you want to take into your body?
Forget about these "male enhancement" pills, boys. Stick to what works: "The Smart Dating Course". Stop worrying about genetic factors that you can't change (and don't matter anyway); Focus on becoming more skillful with women instead! =====IKLAN ATAS POSITNGAN=====