Selasa, 14 November 2017

Dating and Relationship Tips: A Quick Way To Get Women To Notice You

Posted by on Selasa, 14 November 2017
I have a question for you: How passionate are you? 
By passionate, I don't mean being romantically passionate. What I mean you have an area of life that you're REALLY passionate about? Women are naturally attracted to men with "purpose".

It doesn't matter what you are passionate about, as long as you are passionate about SOMETHING. (Except video games and computer programming, of course...) What matters the most is that you're willing to be PASSIONATE about it and to EXCEL at it.
Here's a good example. I have a hippie friend who's full of bullsh**. He's very passionate about bringing an end
to capitalism and turning the world into a "better place" for everyone to live in. This guy has like NO logic at all and anyone with a decent education should be able to see through his conspiracy theories in a minute.
But guess what? He still pulls in a lot of women for one-night stands. Eventually the women will see he's more talk than action, but they always think he's the next Karl Marx and fall hard for him when they first meet him.
To women, he has every characteristic of a man with purpose. He fits into the "rebel" archetype perfectly. Of course, I am not suggesting you to be full of bullsh**. What I want you to do is to find your OWN passion and be VOCAL about it.
If you like music, start a band. If you like magic, do stage shows. And most important of all, actually have SUBSTANCE behind all that talk. This will make women want to STAY with you in a relationship after you have attracted them. Focus on a few key areas of your life, and in a few months you'll see more women drawn towards you!