Selasa, 14 November 2017

Dating and Relationship Tips: Tempting Vs Convincing A Woman To Fall For You

Posted by on Selasa, 14 November 2017
Dating and Relationship Tips - A comment that I get from my readers all the time is that dating seems a lot like selling.
In many ways, it is. The biggest similarity between dating and selling is that both are based on "selling" to the emotions, not to the logic.

In sales, customers buy due to emotional reasons and later justify their purposes with pseudo "logic". They buy because of the perceived benefits, not because of the features.
Women do the same thing when they fall in love with a guy. They fall in OR out of love with a man and THEN rationalize their decision based on some bull**** reason. And if a relationship turns south while a woman is still VERY attracted to a guy, she will start "covering up" for him by rationalizing the man's actions to prove that he's "not so bad"
after all - even if it means building illogical fantasies on top of each other. (My favorite: "He's seeing this woman because he can't admit to himself how much he loves me."
Keep this in mind when you attract a woman. You don't want to "convince" a woman to fall in love with you.
Instead, you want to "tempt" them into falling in love with you.
The moment you try to show or convince a woman that you "would" make a good boyfriend, you've already "lost the sale!"