Selasa, 14 November 2017

Dating and Relationship Tips: Why Women May Not Respect You

Posted by on Selasa, 14 November 2017
Do women seem to always walk all over you? If so,why does it happen? Well…actually, let us backtrack a little bit first. Do you know why people lie, cheat, rob, and do other horrible things? It's because they know they *can*.
Dating and Relationship Tips: Why Women May Not Respect You

Bullies look for people they KNOW they can bully. Robbers rob people who look like they are easy to rob. Many self-defense experts stress that if you can look into the eyes of a potential attacker without showing fear, they will often stop and run away.
Heck, many soldiers in third world countries are probably killing innocent people right now because theyknow they "can".
Sounds crazy? For years, psychologists have shown that people will often do “bad” things if they know they can get away with it. In many studies, innocent little children have stolen candy when they thought nobody was watching, and adults have taken money from a dropped wallet before taking it to a lost and found box because they figured the lost and found system would be anonymous anyway.
A more recent study has shown that just having a poster of a pair of eyes on the wall is enough to stop peoplefrom committing these naughty acts because they feel they are being watched. In other words, this is hard-wired into our genetics – we behave ourselves when our brains think there are consequences…and misbehave when our brains think we can misbehave.
In a relationship, it is natural for a couple to test each other's boundaries to see what they can “get away with." For example, women will often subconsciously do silly things to see what kind of reaction they can get from a guy.
That's part of courtship. If the guy doesn't give the woman a wimpy response, her attraction will go up because she knows he has respect for himself.
Guys also do the same thing. At the beginning of the courtship, he will often keep pushing to see how far she will go sexually. If she is too easy, he’ll think she’s a slut.
So…if women are always walking over you and not giving you the kind of respect you deserve, it’s because you let them!
From now on, if a woman acts bitchy or mistreats you, don’t be afraid of standing up for yourself.
As I always say, stand up for yourself and don’t take any bullsh** from women, no matter how hot they are.
If a woman tells you she wants to “start seeing other people” because she’s not sure about the relationship, let her date other guys all she wants – by throwing her out of the house!