Selasa, 13 Maret 2018

Dating and Relationship: Why You Should Stop Worrying About Offending Women

Posted by on Selasa, 13 Maret 2018
=====IKLAN ATAS POSITNGAN===== A common mistake I see men make all the time with women is that they try too hard to not "offend" women.
Dating and Relationship

Big mistake. Most women are not looking for a “nice” guy to follow them around. They are looking for a “real man” who can give them the “sparks” they want in a relationship. And guess what? Sparks are often created by “friction”, not by “agreement”.
This is why guys who are always afraid of taking risks or “offending women” are usually not very good at attracting women either. By not taking any risks, they're actually ruining their chances because they are not creating the “sparks” they need to make women fall in love with them.
From now on, stop being afraid of disagreeing with a woman you like.
Don’t be afraid of saying “no” to her. See your interactions with her as “playful wrestling”.
Pin her down sometimes, and let her flip you over and come out on top at other times. As long as you’re both having fun, it’s all good! It's about the fun, not about keeping score or trying to suck up to each other!
- Marius Panzarella-