Qingdao Xinghua Cereal Oil & Foodstuff CO., Ltd is a specialized flour mill, set up in 1986. The registered capital of the company is 7 million US$ and the total investment is 13 million US$. The three share holder of the company are as following:

        Baiyou Investments Private Ltd,has 44.733% share.??     
        Prima Limited of Singapore, the biggest flour group of Southeast Asia, has 8.267% share.
???     Associated British Food, One of the biggest foodstuff company of UK, has 25% share.
???     Grain Bureau of Jiaonan city, has 22% share .

        The company can produce more than one hundred kind special flour, mainly supply to joint venture or foreign investment company here in China. These companies come from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Europe and North America. They use our flour to produce dumpling, small steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun, springroll, prawn cracker, biscuit, bread, premix flour and sell back to their mother country. Many clients of our company are very famous, Such as, NISSHIN SEIFUN GROUP INC.; ITOCHU CO., LTD; SUMITOMO CORPORATION LTD.; CJ FOODS CO., LTD; NONG SHIM CO., LTD.; KFC; Mr. KON; and so on. ??

        Our main products include: Weak flour, Strong flour, medium strength flour, flour for bread, biscuit, dumpling and so on. ?? Some special flour only supply to one client such as: Undon noodle flour, Springroll flour, prawn cracker flour, premix flour, steamed stuffed bun flour and so on.

        At the same time we have the ability to manufacture some special flour to meet the needs of our client and keep the direction as a commercial secret in the request of our client.

         Xinghua has an installed milling capacity of 420 tones of wheat grain per 24 hours and its milling equipment was supplied by Buhler Brothers Ltd. of Switzerland. The management and the production process of this technologically advanced mill are computer-controlled and can be considered as one of the most up to date mill in the present day flour milling industry.

???      The laboratory of company has been equipped with modern analysis device, meet the standard of International Cereal & Chemistry Association. Advanced quality control system and test equipment guarantee the high quality of flour.

       The company was awarded the ISO9001:2008 quality certification,ISO22000:2005 food safety certification,ISO14001:2004 environmental certification

Company contact detail:
Address: Qingdao Xinghua Cereal Oil & Foodstuff CO., Ltd
60 Tieshan Rd, Jiaonan City,
Qingdao, P. R. China
Post code: 266400
Sales Department: 0086-532-88182265
Office: 0086-532-88184823
Fax : 0086-532-88184796
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